At the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic who’s healing who?

The Animal News Northwest did a wonderful article on us.

Check out the article entitled “At the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic who’s healing who?” written by Karen Ducey.

Below is a snippet of the article:
“Seattle- Deep in the gritty heart of Pioneer Square under the long shadow of glassy black skyscrapers and steel construction cranes in this growing metropolitan city, the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic performs a unique service every second and fourth Saturday of the month.

Funded by donors, the clinic offers free pet supplies, basic veterinary care and armfuls of compassion for people and their pets caught in the grip of homelessness or extremely low incomes (under $850 a month).

Talk to anyone there and you’ll hear how pets save human lives.

One man, so depressed he was going to jump out a window, credits a cat for saving his life. Now, 16 years later, and still the proud owner of Miss Kitty, Joe no longer wants to kill himself. He explains, “I had somebody to talk too.”

Like so many others without permanent homes coming to the clinic Joe had found companionship, something he lacked in everyday life.”

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