Doney Coe Pet Clinic provides on-site veterinary care to the pets of homeless and qualifying low-income residents of the Seattle area at no cost.

Our services include vaccinations, wellness checks, ear treatments, flea treatment, wound care, medication management, diagnostic testing and some grooming services.

When there is a need for emergency or critical care a referral will be provided to one of the Clinic’s partners offering emergency and critical veterinary care.

Dr Coe treating pets at Doney Coe Pet Clinic


The Doney Coe Pet Food Bank offers a limited selection of dry and wet pet food and pet treats. Prescription diets will be provided when advised by the vet. In addition, clients of the clinic may obtain puppy training pads, cat litter, and grooming accessories. Gently used leashes, harnesses, carriers, pet beds, toys and dishes will be available as they are donated to the clinic.

We rely on donations for food and supplies. Not all items are available at each clinic. If you need new leashes or harnesses, we request that you trade in the supplies you are currently using so that we may help others in need.


Please bring photo ID with you and proof of income less than twice the Federal Poverty Limit (FPL).

You may show us your EBT or WA State Services card, SSI correspondence or other reasonably accessible documents to verify that you qualify to receive services.

The Doney Coe Pet Clinic is open 1-3 PM on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month (no clinic on Thanksgiving weekend.) Please line up by noon.

If your pet is in need of veterinary care please come to:

The Union Gospel Mission
318 2nd Ave Ext S
Seattle, WA, 98104 (in Pioneer Square)

King County Bus Seattle Washington


Doney Coe Pet Clinic is accessible by multiple King County Metro bus routes. Please put 318 2nd Ave Ext S, Seattle as your destination ("TO") into the Metro Trip Planner. Leashed or crated, well-behaved animals are allowed on all Metro buses.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic is approximately 0.2 miles from the Sound Transit Link Light Rail Pioneer Square Station. Plan your link light rail trip here but please note that only service animals or pets in small carriers are allowed on Link Light Rail trains.