The Story of Doney Coe

  • Bustling clinic at The Union Gospel Mission


    To honor the pioneers that they are, our organization is named after our founders, Dr. Doney and Dr. Coe. Our name is not catchy or easy to remember, but because we remain dedicated to our founders' vision, we continue to honor them in our name. In 2018, our organization was renamed from The Doney Memorial Pet Clinic to Doney Coe Pet Clinic to recognize Dr. Coe's lifetime of community service.

    Early on, a People Magazine article thrust us into national spotlight, and Dr. Coe generously supported the creation of several similar organizations by sharing his expertise.

  • Dr. Bud & Nancy Doney treating the first ever furry client


    At age 50, Dr. Bud Doney made giving back to the community his main goal in life. Dr. Doney had long noticed the growing homeless community and their pets in Downtown Seattle, with no help available to ensure the health and care of the animals. Equipped with supplies from his for-profit veterinary clinic, Dr. Doney and his wife Nancy treated 2 dogs at the first ever clinic, held in a small chapel at the Union Gospel Mission. Our field veterinary clinic was born! Word of Dr. Doney's kindness spread fast, and clients lined up at each clinic hours before it opened its doors. Sadly, after only a few clinics, Dr. Doney became ill and died in 1987.

  • Dr.Stan Coe at one of the many clinics he has volunteered at


    In 1986, Dr. Stanley 'Stan' Coe promised that he will continue his friend's legacy. Dr. Coe took the reins of the clinic and established the nonprofit organization. For 45 years, until retirement, Dr. Coe was the active owner of Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. Just like Dr. Doney, he treated all animals by providing his own supplies and equipment. Animals in need of more extensive care or surgery were transferred to Elliot Bay Animal Hospital, again at no-cost or a 'token bill' that never got paid. For many years, doctor's notes and client information were handwritten on index cards. iPhones and email did not exist and the focus was on treating as many animals as possible during each clinic.

    To this day, Dr. Coe actively participates in every Board of Directors' and strategic planning meeting. He volunteered at the clinic until we urged him to prioritize his health when the pandemic hit. Dr. Coe's involvement and presence are a constant motivator for our young generation of volunteers. Dr. Coe reminds us often about how proud Dr. Doney would be that his legacy thrives.

  • Dr. Mona Radheshwar and Don Rolf treating a patient


    There are many compassionate and talented people that contributed to Doney Coe's history of community service. Don Rolf, a mammal behaviorist, was a founding member of the team and has filled every role in the organization, whatever was needed at any given time. Originally, he picked up food and supplies at donors’ homes in his personal pick-up truck. Today, Don navigates our truck through Seattle traffic with ease to transport our equipment and sets up clinic better than anyone. He has the skills to assist veterinarians during treatment, restrain animals professionally, and groom cats and dogs. Don's dedication provides the groundwork for clinic operations today and he remains a valued member of the Board of Directors.



    Dr. Mona Radheshw


    An act of generosity enables increased access and our first permanent location in June 2022

    Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Dr. Mona Radheshwar, who turned over a fully equipped and stocked operating veterinary clinic for immediate use, Doney Coe Pet Clinic. will be offering veterinary services and surgical procedures with the help of sophisticated diagnostic tools on-site to qualified clients. As a longtime volunteer at Doney Coe Pet Clinic, Dr. Mona shares the vision that income should not be a barrier to necessary veterinary care.


The leadership of Doney Coe Pet Clinic is a group of talented and energetic animal and human lovers.

Stan Coe, DVM, Founder, Doney Coe Pet Clinic

Becka Johnson Poppe, MPA; Budget and Policy Manager

Cherri Trusheim, DVM; Owner/Founder/Veterinarian at Urban Animal

Don Rolf, Director, Clinic Operations

Frank Siderius; Partner at Siderius Lonergan & Martin, LLP

         Joseph Coury, Chief Financial Officer at Urban Animal

Heather Fowler Ph.D., MPH, VDM; Director, Producer, and Public Health at National Pork Board

Lara Kreyenhagen, DVM; Associate Veterinarian at Urban Animal

Marti Richardson Casey; Principal and Community Volunteer

Michael Williams; Sr. Project Manager, Assoc. DBIA | LEED AP BD+C at TRICO

Michelle C. Kelly; Legal Assistant at FarPoint Venture Law PC

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“This animal is the only thing that keeps them going. The human-animal bond is like nothing I have seen. Because this is it. These animals trust these people with their lives.” 

~ Doney Coe Volunteer