Doney Coe Pet Clinic client holding her puppy


Doney Coe Pet Clinic is located in the community. It is funded by community members. It is powered by volunteers from the community.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic is 100% volunteer run with veterinarians from different practices in Seattle contributing their time and resources.

All clinic operations are possible because of the dedicated volunteers that devote their time and resources to the Doney Coe Pet Clinic.

The pet food bank at the clinic is available due to the generous donations of many individuals and veterinary practices.

All funding to provide critical and emergency veterinary care is from people like you dedicated to the health and safety of all animals.

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“This animal is the only thing that keeps them going. The human-animal bond is like nothing I have seen. Because this is it. These animals trust these people with their lives.” 

~ Doney Coe Volunteer

Dr Coe volunteering Doney Coe Pet Clinic


In 1985, Dr. Bud Doney was walking at Pike Place Market with his wife Nancy and saw many homeless and low-income people with pets. They knew that the pets they saw that day were not getting the vaccinations or preventative veterinary care needed.

Dr. Doney set up a clinic that offered veterinary care for the pets of Seattle ’s homeless and low-income residents. After Dr. Doney passed away, Dr. Stan Coe and some volunteers continued his legacy by starting Doney Memorial Pet Clinic.

Thirty-two years later, in 2018,  the clinic is renamed the Doney Coe Pet Clinic in honor of the vision and leadership of Dr. Coe in building on Dr. Doney’s legacy for many generations of pets.

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“Some of these people are able to stay clean, or sober, or just alive, because they’ve made a commitment to a pet; because they feel needed by this animal and don’t want to let it down. That’s something. There’s hope in that feeling, and maybe a way forward.” 

~ Doney Coe Volunteer


The Doney Coe Pet Clinic is led by a talented group of animal and human lovers.

They utilize their expertise and skills to the benefit of the Doney Coe Pet Clinic’s clients.

Stan Coe, DVM, Founder, Doney Coe Pet Clinic
Don Rolf, Director, Clinic Operations
Marti Casey: Management, Marketing, and Communications Consultant
Lara Kreyenhagen, DVM : Veterinarian at Aurora Veterinary Hospital
Michael Williams: Sr. Project Executive, LEED AP BD+C at Bayley Construction
Frank Siderius: Partner at Siderius Lonergan & Martin, LLP
Becka Johnson Poppe : Physical Environment Budget Manager
Michelle C. Kelley: Legal Assistant at FarPoint Venture Law PC

*Pascale Fortmann: Interim Executive Director