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Stan with his dog at Doney Coe Pet Clinic


Behind every animal saved, treated, vaccinated or neutered is someone like you.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic is staffed by 100% volunteers and 100% funded with donations from individuals.

It is only through your generosity and kindness that we are able to help animals live the life they deserve as healthy companions to homeless and low-income families in the Seattle area.

Monetary donations are always appreciated and will go directly to providing care and supplies for the animals of qualified clients. When an animal needs critical and emergency veterinary care we are able to provide it because of your generosity.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic is a nonprofit public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3). No goods or services are provided in return for gifts made through this website. EIN number 91-1432244.

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“When I was homeless my dog was my best friend and the only good thing I had in my life at the time. Because of volunteers like you and places like The Doney Clinic, she lived a long healthy life, and helped to keep me sane.” 

~ SB


We are always in need of the following items which can be dropped off at the Doney Coe Pet Clinic drop off points which are listed here:

If you need to drop off at the clinic directly please contact to arrange. Please indicate what you will be bringing and what time you expect to arrive. We so appreciate your generosity and want to make sure we are able to distribute and transport the items you are donating. Please do not drop off any donations at any other time as the Clinic will not receive them.

At this time we are not able to accept veterinary medications or supplies.

Volunteer vet at Doney Coe Pet Clinic examining cat
man holding dog at Doney Coe Pet Clinic


Want to have a fundraiser or drive to benefit The Doney Coe Pet Clinic? Contact us at and let's get started!

If you would prefer to contribute by mail please send monetary donations or gift cards to:

Doney Coe Pet Clinic
2212 Queen Anne Ave N #702
Seattle WA 98109-2312

We cannot accept packages at this address. Please contact us using the contact form if you have a donation that you are unable to drop off.