volunteer vet helping woman with dog client with dog at Doney Coe Pet Clinic


Work with us to provide veterinary care to the animals that need our help.

We are always looking for committed veterinary professionals and volunteers that are interested in clinic operations.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic is following the guidelines issued by WSVMA. Clients will be separated from their pets during diagnosis and treatment. Face masks are required at all times for clients and volunteers, whether inside or outside.

People under 18 years of age are not allowed at the clinic while in operation.


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“I love caring for animals and protecting their health and reinforcing the human-animal bond between pet owner and pet, and the Doney Clinic provides me with an outlet to do just that.” 

~ Dr. Heather Fowler

volunteers and clients at Doney Coe Pet Clinic


Be a part of Doney Coe Pet Clinic helping pets live the life they deserve.

Please contact us via email at  if you would like to join our tribe of dedicated volunteers.


Here is a brief description of each of the clinic volunteer positions:

Licensed DVMs and Vet Techs will provide basic animal wellness care, diagnose and treat conditions. You will determine when to refer to our partners for emergency or critical care.

We are always looking for professionals that are passionate about making pets look and feel fabulous!

You will be the first point-of-contact for clients. You will pass out the numbered tickets for food and vet assistance and gauge the severity/urgency of medical issues. Emergencies are seen first. Work with INTAKE station to guide clients in when it is their turn.

Once the client is at the INTAKE table you will find/update/register the owners’ and their pets’ information. Record as much information about the reason as possible to pass on to vets. You will be the first line of information about clinic policies. Some database management is required.

You will act as the liaison between the veterinary and non-veterinary sides of the clinic by taking the health records from the INTAKE area to the treatment area. You will manage the flow of clients and their pets in a small space while delivering mission-critical information to the vet professionals.

Once the animals have received a rabies vaccine they will come over to the RABIES table to claim a tag and accurate certificate. You may need to look up older rabies certificates if asked by clients/animal control.

You will fulfill clients’ requests for food, cat litter, training pads, and treats. Counsel clients on suitable replacements for any items not available at a specific clinic. Organize and measure out food and litter. Set-up and break-down of the food bank.

You will assess the animal’s needs and distribute harnesses, beds, food/water bowls, toys, clothes, etc. on an individual, as needed basis. Clients are asked to trade in existing supplies to receive new supplies. Assist owners in fitting their pets and help them try on different sizes/styles.

Organize and evaluate the inventory to make sure that all items are safe for animals (no choke-chains, improperly made toys, etc.) and discard any that do not meet the standard.

You will be asked to explain that entry into the facility on clinic days are for clinic volunteers and clients only and direct people to the UGM front desk as needed. Keep the area around the door clear.

Please contact us if you would like to join our tribe of dedicated volunteers helping pets live the life they deserve.

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“I will never forget the kindness you did when I was poor and had nothing beyond the love of my cats. Now I’m in a position to start to repay.”

~ Alex


Be a world of good.

One four-legged friend at a time, Ph.D. student Dr. Heather Fowler leveraged her education to give back as a volunteer veterinarian for Doney Coe.

Watch this video to learn more about how she helped the pets of low-income and homeless Seattleites.