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Evening Magazine Reports on Doney Coe Pet Clinic

Evening News did a piece on us!

Check out the video entitled “Downtown clinic serves low income pet owner”.

There is also an article written by Kim Holcomb.

Below is a snippet of the article:
“The Doney Memorial Pet Clinic is a makeshift veterinarian’s office set up in a Downtown Seattle basement — and offers free services to low-income pet owners.

Twice a month on Saturday afternoons, the corner of 2nd and South Main St. is standing room only.

Pets and their people are drawn there by a small sign for the Doney Memorial Clinic. It’s a makeshift clinic set up in a basement of a building downtown where veterinarians treat furry patients for free.

Clients are extremely low-income — living on less than $750 a month. They bring their pets to get basic veterinary care like vaccinations, flea treatments, and nail clippings.

Most of the pet owners don’t own homes or cars, but the one thing they can count on is unconditional love.”

Check out the entire article at